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 Situation 3

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iPod Addict

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PostSubject: Situation 3   Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:41 pm

Your character has just had a guy/girl tell them that they love him/her...........what do they do now??

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iPod Addict
iPod Addict

Female Number of posts : 136
Age : 24
Location : Listening to Decode for the millionth time
Sanity : whaaaa? what Sanity?
Registration date : 2008-09-20

PostSubject: Re: Situation 3   Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:46 pm

"Wait!" Type grabbed my wrist.
"Dinner. Tonight. You and me. Dress nicely."
I blushed and smiled. I was going on a date with Ty, the most wonderful guy in school!
"Ok, bye."
"I'll pick you up at seven!" He yelled, walking down the hall. I blushed as people looked my way. I quickly scurried to class.
The minute I got home I went into full beauty-prep.
"MOM!" I hollered the minute i walked in the house.
"Yes dear? And please don't yell, your father's taking a nap."
"Sorry. Ty's taking me on a date at seven! Can i borrow your lucky earings?"
Mom looked crestfallen for a moment.
"Honey, I know how important this is to you, but your father and I have something that we really must speak with you about." I happy mood vanished.
"Oh mom, I'll make it up to you, i swear. But Ty told me to dress fancy. He's taking me to an upscale restaurant! Oh, Mom! Please! Can I please go out tonight!" I begged.
She smiled.
"Well... alright."
"Yes! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!" I threw my arms around her in a tight hug.
"Ok! Now i gotta get ready!"
My mom smiled, "I'll put the earrings on your vanity."
"Thank you!"
I dashed up the stairs, tripping a bit, and ran into my bathroom. The ball of white energy was gone, but i barely payed attention to that fact. I stripped off my clothes and hurtled my body into the shower, crashing into the wall.
"Ow...." I moaned.
"HONEY?!" I heard my mom yell from the kitchen.
"I'M FINE!" I yelled back. Yeah, except for the incapatation of my arm. I shook it off and got back to my beauty-prep.
After my shower i threw on a robe and limped to my room. I now had a bruise the size of Texas after my shampoo bottle decided to maul my foot.
Sarah was laying across my bed, reading People.
"What are you doing here?" I made my way to my closet, searching for the perfect dress.
"I was going to offer to do your make-up... but I can leave." She sneered at me.
"No, no it's fine. Thank you, really." She just rolled her eyes.
I grabbed a long dark blue, strapless dress and pulled it on. It sparkled faintly when the light hit it. And it complemented my fair skin-tone.
Sarah gasped as I walked out of my closet.
"That is an amazing dress!" She squeal and hugged me.
"Uh... thanks?" Sarah ignored me.
"Sit!" She commanded, pointing to my vanity. I sat.
"Do you know a girl named Bethy?" I asked as she started on my make-up. I'd get mom to do my hair afterward.
"Ugh. Don't remind me. She's the nerdiest girl in the world. Absolutely loves Algebra 1." I grimaced. Algebra 1 sucked.
"Why?" Sarah asked.
"She was stalking me today. Said she really looked up to me." she snorted.
"That's weird. Why somebody looks up to you, I don't know. Let alone stalks you."
I rolled my eyes. I would have retaliated, but Sarah had some deathly make up tool in her hand and i really couldn't afford to lose an eye.
Nearly and hour later, she finally finished poking and prodding my face.
"Thanks Sarah." I gave her a squeeze and ran down to the kitchen.
"Oh, darling, you look gorgeous!" My mom smiled and nudged my dad. He grunted as she came over to me.
"Do you need me to do your hair?"
"Yes, please."
Mom put my hair into an elegant bun.
"The earrings are on your vanity next to your heart necklace."
"Thank you."
I walked up the stairs slowly this time. It was 6:50. Ty should be here any minute.
I had just finished putting on the earrings and necklace when I heard the doorbell ring. My stomach filled with butterflies as I trotted down the stairs.
"Good evening, Mrs. Travis. I hope you don't mind me taking out Kara on such short notice."
"Oh it's no problem at all." My mother loved Ty to death. She was always saying what a polite boy he was.
"Hey Ty." I walked into the room and slipped on some high heels. He looked amazing in his suit.
"You look beautiful." He breathed, coming up to me and kissing my lips softly. He didn't dare deepen the kiss in front of my parents.
"Are you ready to leave?"
"Have her back by 9:30." My father grumbled. He had been against boys since Sarah started dating in fifth grade. She had gotten a boyfriend before i had, even though I was a year older than her.
Ty led me to the car and we drove to the restaurant. Dinner was amazing. I had spaghetti and meatballs and Ty had spinach ravioli. yuck, I don't see how he can stand spinach. To each his own, I guess. Ty paid the bill, even though it was exceedingly expensive, and he paid for our dessert. A delicious chocolate cake.
After driving me back to my house, he walked me to the front porch.
"You look really gorgeous tonight." Ty murmured, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.
"Thank you. You look pretty darn good yourself." I teased.
He grinned and kissed me.
"Kara...." He broke away and looked me in the eye. He was suddenly serious. I swallowed.
"I think... I love you." He whispered. His eyes showed he was nervous.
It took me a minute to comprehend. Ty loved me? He really, loved me?
Slowly, a grin grew on my face.
"I love you, too!" I breathed, throwing my arms around his neck. I kissed him vigorously.
When we broke apart, he chuckled. I blushed.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Love."
"Bye. See you tomorrow."
I walked into the house in a dizzy state of content.

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Situation 3
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